I know that Win 32 code is more complicated and there are more things going on to consider. Can someone point me to resources on how to add code to an executable and execute it first or last. And, NO I am not writing any viruses. It is one of those things that I just want to learn how to do. After that I can refine what I want to use it for.

I read an interesting article today on self-deleting executables. Windoze doesn't like doing except when called from a batch file.

Posted on 2002-10-09 14:15:46 by skywalker
Umm "code injection" isn't allowed by the forum rules. It's kind of like a virii technique, even if it's meant for the purpose of learning or for good intentions, It's still against the forum rules to talk about it or posting links that contains these information. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm just cautious here. Try searching google maybe you'll find what your looking for, but as far as this goes... I can't say no more. :)

As for self-deleting executable, you don't need a batch file to do it. Try searching the board, there's a thread started by ancev that self deletes without batch files.

Posted on 2002-10-09 22:41:32 by stryker
Stryker is right...
Iczelion did a program that can add code to PE executables... see his website...
Posted on 2002-10-10 01:38:12 by JCP

You are basically looking at how to add a section to a PE file. You will need to access some good PE specification data to see how they work and you would have to write the software that did the addition, it would be something like a specialised linker.

From memory Iczelion's program worked OK so it may be worth you chasing it up.


Posted on 2002-10-10 03:59:19 by hutch--