Hi all!!

I have this little problem, how to append text in RichEdit control without dumping the entire contents from memory all the time??

I'm using this RichEdit control to log some things and everytime i want to write something to richedit i have to invoke SetWindowText,hwndRichEdit,ADDR Text
all the time,.

I hope you know what i mean, i suppose it could be done by pasting or streaming but how???

Thanks for the help:)
Posted on 2002-10-11 08:34:31 by eisodur
Set the cursor at the end of the document and put the text... basically, that's it...

Check the doc for the messages to send: I'm not a richedit expert...
Posted on 2002-10-11 08:36:55 by JCP
well unfortunately there is no set cursor function or message for richedit..
Posted on 2002-10-11 08:46:04 by eisodur
try this: invoke SendMessage,hwndRichEdit,EM_REPLACESEL,FALSE,offset Text
Posted on 2002-10-11 09:44:12 by WinCC