I just want to ask you: how one can use the COM/LPT port to control his own device? What is the basisi of it?
The problem is: I've developed an amperemeter and now I want to connect it to my PC so I can analyze the data from it in PC. So what I need to do? Proobebly there are ready radio schemes of various amperemeters that communicate with PC using the COM/LPT ports...
Anyway, I'll be greateful to any kind of information. :stupid:
Posted on 2002-10-12 14:40:50 by Maestro
The parallel port has 5 input pins. You can read them with int 17h. I suppose on WinXP it is not possible to use int. But anyway, you have first to convert the data into digital, and prefferably to send it bit by bit. Best to use here is a PIC, PIC16F683 I think had ADC. www.microchip.com . I had today problems with creating a programmer, but I know a little theory. It is hard to use a PIC, you need to make the schematic a lot more complex. Best you should use the game port of your sound card. Read in ArtOfAssembly about how to use it. This port has ability to read analog data. In the AOA there are samples how to do everything.
Posted on 2002-10-12 16:20:19 by Ultrano