Hello all,
I'm using a header control in a window, and reading through the copy of the win32api that I have, there is mention of making an item in a header control "springy". That is, if the header control is sized bigger than the total width of items, the "springy" item(s) will grow to fill the width. (See text below)
Unfortunately, it mentions an HDT_SPRING constant which does not seem to be defined in the masm include files. And on MSDN, all mention of this property seems to have vanished.
Does anyone know the value of this constant? Or is this not supported anymore by header controls?


From Win32API guide>Header Controls>Items

You can use the HBT_SPRING value to give a header item a "springy" quality. Although an item has a minimum width, it can grow wider if there is extra room in the owner window. A header control can have multiple springy items; the extra room in the owner window is distributed among the springy items.
To make an item springy, send the WM_SETTEXT message to the header control. In the wParam parameter, use the logical OR operator to combine the index of the header item with the HBT_SPRING value.
Posted on 2002-10-13 11:40:55 by chorus
try 400h :)
Posted on 2002-10-13 16:14:53 by stryker
Doesn't seem to work...

I'm using this code to set the last item to "Springy" mode:

invoke SendMessage,hHeaderWnd,HDM_GETITEMCOUNT,0,0
dec eax
or eax,400h
invoke SendMessage,hHeaderWnd,WM_SETTEXT,eax,0

I also tried filling in the lParam value for the WM_SETTEXT message, but it didn't change anything. Nor did trying to use index 0 or 1 instead of calling HDM_GETITEMCOUNT.

Posted on 2002-10-13 23:51:32 by chorus
Tried Yahoo, Google, Lycos, MSDN... 0 matches... I'm beginning to think that it's a bogus value... Maybe I'll just try every bit value from 1 to 80000000h...

Posted on 2002-10-13 23:55:49 by chorus
ummm I don't know but is this HBT_SPRING or HDT_SPRING

http://www.cs.uofs.edu/~beidler/Ada/win32/win32-commctrl.html ctrl-f then search for HBT_SPRING it will say something like 400 -> which is 400h
Posted on 2002-10-14 00:13:32 by stryker