AsmMindWeb Update 14.Oct.2oo2
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as i cannot edit anymore the original post (time expired) i start
a new thread (sorry if i annoy)

what's new:
- internal compressed help - F1 (thanks z0mbie for algorithm)
- insert current date - F4
- insert current time - SHIFT + F4
- go back - F7 (no need for mouse anymore, only for ULRs)
- open link - F8
- change font: Verdana - F9
- change font: Terminal - SHIFT + F9 - default font (on request)
- cursor changes over links
- mousewheel support

i plan to implement "search in files" feature but only on demand - i dont need it ;)
if someone wants to help - PM me.

bitRAKE: support for folders is already implemented (by CreateFile) - you must create the subdir yourself.
i didnt implemented folder creation to not clutter ./data subdirectory.

you are free to add it (WinFunctions.asm, RichOpen procedure) :grin:

have phun
Posted on 2002-10-14 03:16:59 by TBD
here it is another version that i had laying around (after one year :grin: )

what's new
+ pin to desktop
+ stop saving on loosing focus
+ CTRL+DBLCLK - exit
+ ESC, SHIFT-ESC - not needed anymore

this is only an ideea version as I use more the 14.oct version daily.
maybe someone will use it :tongue:
Posted on 2003-10-15 00:11:50 by TBD

I might find a use for it, at least the hyperlink code if that's OK. Your last post on the subject was the same day I joined the board so I guess I never saw it. I just downloaded the program today and it is excelent. I think that even if I had seen it a year ago I would not have understood anything about it :)
Posted on 2003-10-15 00:40:00 by donkey
donkey: you acomplished a lot in one year. keep up the good work :alright:

I use every day, I put a shortcut on my desktop (14.oct version),
CTRL+M as shortcut and use it from every program that I needed
- mostly for passwords, todo, web links.

I am glad that i could return something to the win32asmcommunity :)
Posted on 2003-10-15 00:52:23 by TBD