The package contains all you need to program Win32asm

version 300801 some bugs fixed and added more
things and examples.

feel free to email me
Posted on 2001-08-29 23:03:50 by Nguga
Nice. Do you plan to release the source code for NaGoA?

By the way, the Toolbar project executable is nonfunctional.

Posted on 2001-08-30 15:40:26 by rolft
The ToolBar example works fine just do this:

1- open project the toolbar
2- click on rc->res button
and wait for the dos prompt
3- click on button asm->obj
and wait for the dos prompt
4- click on button Link
in the end you got the
exe file

5- run button apears click on it
Posted on 2001-08-30 19:28:51 by Nguga