Hi all,

It's the first time i want to use resources. I' ve tried to convert Iczelion's menu tutorial too tasm. Compiling and linking gives no error. But i don't get a menu .

I'm using win XP,resource builder 1.0 and tasm
i compile with TASM32 /ml/m3/zi/zd $(FileName),,
i link with TLINK32 /Tpe /aa /c$(FileNameNoExt).obj ,$(FileNameNoExt),,import32,$(FileNameNoExt).def,$(FileNameNoExt).RES

I've included my code and my resource file as attachement.
Posted on 2002-10-16 02:54:31 by Hackerez13
Dear Hackerez13,

Where is your attachment? :confused:


Posted on 2002-10-16 03:17:35 by Vortex
Sry Vortex,

Here it is.
Posted on 2002-10-16 03:31:37 by Hackerez13

Here is the menu example of Grandmaster Iczelion,converted to Tasm, you will notice that the source code is very similar to Masm style. The include files contains Tasm style function prototypes. I modified also the windows.inc file which yet needs to be developped for Tasm.

Don't forget to locate the include files in your Tasm include folder.Your feedback will be appreciated.



Posted on 2002-10-16 07:44:32 by Vortex
Thanks Vortex

Everything is fine now !


Posted on 2002-10-16 08:12:13 by Hackerez13

everything works fine but when i compile with tasm , tasm crashes.
My prog works but tasm doesn't report undeclared identifiers when they are there !!!

Does somebody has a solution??


Posted on 2002-10-16 12:32:34 by Hackerez13
Take care at structure syntax: it is not the same as MASM if you include files from MASM you will suffer a lot ...

TASM uses STRUC while MASM can use STRU or STRUCT
Tasm will not report an error but by the next ENDS it will be out of bounds so bad that it will crash...strangely sometimes it works...

Also check LOCALS directive and local lables/variables unless you use PROTO, TASM will not do parameter checkings etc

Also you can not define 2 structures that have same names for members ... unless you use IDEAL but that is completly another story ...
Posted on 2002-10-16 21:39:21 by BogdanOntanu