Correct me if I'm wrong. It appears mouse messages are not sent to the CC in 'design' mode. Is it possible to pass them throught or perhaps send a UserMessage?

The reason I ask is that by setting a variable in the
'RAINIT' proc I can then determine if I am in 'design' mode and process mouse messages different. I was just messing around with the idea to pop up a dialog to set 'design' time properties. If there is a better way to do it, I'm all ears.

Posted on 2002-10-17 12:01:05 by Wayne
Hi Wayne

RadASM sends a WM_COMMAND, WM_USER+9999 after creating the control. Maybe this can be used to subclass your control to get in charge again.

Posted on 2002-10-17 12:17:50 by KetilO
Hi KetilO,

I don't think I explained very well. I'll try again.

I will use the gradiant progess CC as an example.
(keep in mind this is not of great use for the GradProgess CC and probably most controls.)

Let's say I place a GP CC on a dialog. I default color does'nt look good. I want to see what it looks like with diffent colors. What I was trying to do was doubleclick the control, bring up a dialog that let's me pick a differnt color, and change it on the dialog.

I've attached a copy of the GP project with what I was trying to do.


P.S. Maybe your reply answered my question but I did'nt understand what you meant. Forgive me if this is the case.
Posted on 2002-10-17 14:16:48 by Wayne
Hi Wayne

You explained it well.

Here is what I had in mind. Use right button to change color.

Posted on 2002-10-17 15:18:07 by KetilO

Thank you much. It was pretty obvious after I saw your example.

Posted on 2002-10-17 15:47:33 by Wayne