Who can help me to answer the question please:
How to configurate the TAB value in RichEdit control.
Posted on 2002-10-20 23:35:44 by jackygy
use EM_SETPARAFORMAT as shown below

mov paraf.cbSize, sizeof PARAFORMAT
mov paraf.dwMask, PFM_TABSTOPS
mov paraf.cTabCount, 1
mov paraf.rgxTabs, 1440 ; 1440 = 1 inch
invoke SendMessage,hwndRichEdit,EM_SETPARAFORMAT, 0, addr paraf

it changes only the first tab, if you want more you must replace cTabCount and rgxTabs.
check SDK for more information.

hope it helps
Posted on 2002-10-21 04:51:19 by TBD
I try your suggestion but no response any more.
I checked the specification of SDK, EM_SETPARAFOEMAT message can set TAB stops but just 32 positions will be affected at most. On other hand, The EM_SETTABSTOPS message also can set TAB stops very efficiently but there also is the limitation of 32 positions.
What can I do ? Anyway, I really thank you for your helps.
Posted on 2002-10-21 20:25:41 by jackygy
another way is to subclass the richedit window and process yourself
the TAB key by inserting spaces instead of tabs.

see tutorial 20 by Iczelion about subclassing ...

hope it helps somehow
Posted on 2002-10-22 00:31:44 by TBD