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- debugging information in Microsoft formats,
- search for intermodular calls,
- list of jumps to current location,
- syntax highlighting or Dump history

waiting for your feedback.


ps. i am only an "official" betatester not the author,
Olly Yuschuk is. just a reminder.
Posted on 2002-10-21 01:34:43 by TBD
I just downloaded the beta verison. I will post any problems and such after i get my hands on it ;)
Posted on 2002-10-21 02:12:52 by roticv
Yes, I too. I'm working on a medium project now, and so I think I would often need the help of OllyDbg

:) Marwin
Posted on 2002-10-21 07:46:26 by Marwin
Emails forth coming...Ollydbg is in everyday use...
Posted on 2002-10-21 22:14:03 by bitRAKE
come on guys, no bugs, no suggestions ... is OllyDbg that perfect ? :grin:

i dont have time, neither VisualC anymore to start on a plugin but maybe
someone can play with - a plugin based on cmdline to load from file commands
and run them on demand ? what do ya say ?

have phun and w8in for your feedback

ps. Olly wants to start testing on weekend so if no bugs/suggestion he is out of work :tongue:
Posted on 2002-10-22 00:34:38 by TBD
if he can give me a lib and include to work on with masm .
becuase i dont have the time to convert it my self
Posted on 2002-10-22 07:05:12 by eko
we all are lazy ... /me included ... i started some time ago and give up.

eko: maybe start working on the plugin and covert them only
what you need.
Posted on 2002-10-22 07:40:10 by TBD
TBD, I have a question: in the readme of Ollydbg there is mentioned as a new main feature the support of PDB files and codeview debugging format. But it seems this support doesn't go as far as to support debugging on source level. The only thing I can see is that there is now a list of source files you can open. Which info does Ollydbg get/use from the codeview debug infos? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for answer

Posted on 2002-10-22 09:55:07 by japheth
japheth: look at the screenshot here

OllyDbg use the PDB info for each ASM line ... if it founds the corresponding line in sources
it will display in CPU below (see circle 2 in screenshot). i tested only for MASM32,VisualC and
GoASM/GoLink produced debug info and it works very well (waited for this option since ages :grin: )

btw, in which enviroment do you want to test PDB debug info ?

Posted on 2002-10-22 10:02:54 by TBD
Dear TBD,

This latest release of OllyDbg is really very very usefull! Especially the new feature "source-level debugging" is handy! (This is super!) Since long time,i was waiting for a source-level debugger for Masm32.Now,all the members of the messageboard,we have such a tool.

Many many thanks to Olly Yuschuk who developped this very nice tool. :alright: :alright: :alright:


Posted on 2002-10-22 13:36:03 by Vortex
Sorry, no bugs so far. :( ( :grin: )
But I love it, that you see the changes you've made to the code highlighting immediatly! Really userfriendly!!

:) Marwin
Posted on 2002-10-23 03:38:54 by Marwin
TBD, thanks for the answer. Now I'm able to see the source line in CPU window. I was working with MASM 6.15 and LINK 5.12.8181 (LINK 7.00.xxxx seems not to work with OllyDbg, I suppose because MS has changed the debug info format once again).

If source files aren't in directory of executable it seems Ollydbg cannot find them!? And it don't ask for a path to the source. So you always have to copy these files to the directory of the debuggee. Or do I miss something again?

Posted on 2002-10-23 08:32:21 by japheth