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how link and use this??

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Posted on 2002-10-23 02:28:30 by playh
X-Face is a method to attach a small bitmap to your mail message just like your signature. The bitmap is encoded into ascii string and placed in the mail header. And guess what is the field name? Right, 'X-Face' is the field name.

Unlike the signature block, it is not visible if the receiver's mail client does not support it, and most of mail clients out there do not support it. And, since it was invented on Unix side, Windows-centric people usually hate it. :grin: So there are not many people who actually attach X-face to their outgoing mail. And, this leads me to discourage you from using this library to create your own mail client.

If your plan was not a mail client but some other thing, and you still want to use it after you heard the use of this library... You'd better download the original Unix C library, named 'compface', for a detailed explanation. The last time I downloaded it, I found it at ftp.x.org.
Posted on 2002-10-23 03:38:23 by Starless
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not mailclient


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Posted on 2002-10-23 03:49:58 by playh
Your code is patching program to modify the code of an other application
Please keep the reverse-engineering crap out of there and read the rules more carefully if you want to keep your membership...
Posted on 2002-10-23 04:08:08 by JCP