I've finally registered! I posted a few times as Newguy. :alright:

I was scrounging around the MS site and came across a package called debugging tools that has a new version of windbg. I've had windbg for a while but my copy goes back to 1996. I decided to try the new version.

The page I was looking at said the package was for both win NT/2K and 9x/ME. I have 98SE. When I went to the download page the requirements changed to say NT/2K only! No matter how much I searched I couldn't find a version for 98. I downloaded it anyway but the install failed with an error.

I remember reading on the old forum (I've been lurking for a while :grin: ) that a program called winrar could extract files from MS install exe files. So I went off to find and download winrar (nice program). It worked just fine but instead of showing an archive like I expected it shows only one file with an msi extension burried in the exe. Winrar could do nothing further with msi files. At least I have something other than an exe to work with.

MSDN tells me that a msi file is a windows installer file. A few more pages and I find a 9x version of windows installer on the MS site. Download another program but things are looking up!

However when I run the installer on this msi file I get a pop-up saying that debugging tools is designed for NT and can't be installed! I tried the installer's repair option hoping it would show me a "directory" (or something like winrar) but no such luck.

Now I've got two new tools "integrated" into my system. One is nice but I'll probablly never use the other since msi files seem to always come with a "wrapper" that does the install. It has no uninstall option. In fact I can find no trace of it except for the association with msi files. All this but still no new windbg. :(

I've seen the post from S/390 about windbg and 95 but it's the same version that I already have. Does anybody know where I can get this new latest and greatest version of windbg that works with 98SE?

Posted on 2001-08-31 03:57:22 by Mopar
I feel for ya man. :cool:

Yup, had the same problem trying to install it on 95B. Didn't get into it that deep though! :confused:

I'm new to Windbg, so I figure this ver will be good enough to play with for now. So far I like it.

But I haven't gotten symbols working yet. Rumor has it that I need an old ver of LINK that runs with MSPDB41.

So instead of finding an old linker, I was wondering if the new Windbg runs with PDB60...

Yea, I'ld like to get the new one too. :) :) :)
Posted on 2001-08-31 05:25:50 by S/390