Help!! After successfully loading a SkinMesh, I try to use the returned pbufAdjacency interface pointer with a call to GetBufferPointer. This call is failing. I check to make sure pbufAdjacency isn't zero. What am I doing wrong?
Posted on 2002-10-25 00:55:30 by Homer
Nevermind, I got that one sorted out.
Ok now I have loaded a SKinMesh successfully from an xfile...
I try to convert the skinmesh to a Indexed Blended Mesh, successfully.
I then try to OptimizeInPlace the IB mesh using the adjacency data gleaned from loading the SkinMesh. This call is failing, and how !!

I would like to share the following information on loading meshes segmented into groups of noncontiguos surfaces by Material...I intend to borrow from this logic when implementing my own. As soon as this work is completed, I intend to tear my buddy Wayne's arm off and beat him senseless with it.

dividing Meshes into subsets
Posted on 2002-10-25 20:54:57 by Homer