Could Someone show me how to a do a LBUTTONDOWN and RBUTTONDOWN click on a static box. I have 4 static buttons on
my dialog. I know how to do it with the Famous ( it's very good ) but I don't want to use a procedure. I want to do it in Create and Command. I tried most of the Tute's but they do this on the whole form, how about a button, static, list box or whatever. Here's a rough draft. With or without a procedure I want to do it directly under WM_COMMAND

Thank You


INVOKE CreateWindowEx, 0, addr statClass, addr Static001,
50,20,50,50,hwnd,static1, hInstance, NULL

mov hstatic001, eax

mov eax, hstatic001
.if eax == hstatic001
invoke PostQuitMessage,NULL


I tried many ways with no success.

By the way I'm new to the MessageBoard. I learned more from it in two week and I been working with Masm32 off and on for two years. You guys got a Mean Lean Machine....Have you read the good news about ASM and Windows XP ( posted by I beleive ROCK under Windows XP )
Posted on 2001-08-31 06:58:05 by cmax
Include SS_NOTIFY to the style and trap it
in WM_COMMAND (i think that it sends a WM_COMMAND).
Posted on 2001-08-31 09:30:44 by KetilO
Thank you KetilO I will try it.

Posted on 2001-08-31 09:53:26 by cmax
The control ID (hMenu argument in CreateWindowEx) of the control will show up as the low 16-bits of wParam in your WndProc.
    mov eax,wParam

and eax,0FFFFh
.if eax == static1
; handle static1
Posted on 2001-08-31 14:26:32 by tank
I never did figure out how to do it. So I went back to the old BUTTON.ZIP ... I found something that I think you guys will really like but I got to build it flawless. I now have to put a lot of my learning of BASIC ASM (the easy stuff) to serious work for the next few month and then I'll will send the Board a piece of my secrete wepon in zip form. We know this board deserve it. But than again it might make you laugh. Neverless to do it the way I describe about would be the greatest. I hope someone will present an example soon, i really need it. Tank, I know what you mean about top level but in my program its really only a temperay state and only when needed ... Off the subject, that Opera Web browzer is the greatest. You know when you surffing the web and find a web page with letters so small that it makes you go blind trying to read, wellthe Opera will ZOOM All of those letters ALL in any way you please. IE and Netscape can't do that. But If you take out their cookie for advertizer they will take and play with your web browzer handle All Day Long..while you watch.. I probley use it for off line reading
Posted on 2001-09-30 04:23:14 by cmax