I want add a memo control in my application, but I don't know how...
Maybe use CreateWindowEx() function?
Help me, please. Or tell me where can I find the materials about this
Posted on 2002-10-27 03:50:31 by Iceberg
What is a memo control ?
Are you talking about the Delphi control ?

I don't think it would be easy to import the delphi control in a plain win32 program: the thing that looks most like the memo is the classic edit control...
Posted on 2002-10-27 03:55:29 by JCP
Aaaaa, I see, sorry , I'm reading a code writed with Delphi.
I just want write it in Asm32.
It was a so fooooooool question.
Sorry, Guys
Posted on 2002-10-27 04:00:44 by Iceberg