There must be a difference for Tasm linker options in RadAsm since August. I was needed to compile an old console (16 bit)application. But linker says a bad character in parameters. Actually in august I have tested the same configurations successfully. Although I have suggested the same options to somebody even here. So I don't think that this is my mistake. The err message is;

Fatal: Bad character in parameters->"

...and my option was,

3=5,C,$B\tlink.EXE /L"$L",3

note: linker must be Console output, else RadAsm can not catch up the messages to output and then crashes. Btw, now using v1.2.1.4
Posted on 2002-10-28 18:44:37 by cakmak
Hi cakmak

I would guess the problem is that RadASM now supports spaces in filenames.
RadASM does this by quoting the filename.

I guess you will have to make a batch file to link 16 bit files.

Posted on 2002-10-29 00:20:12 by KetilO