Hi people,
I wanna make internet progs which are not so covered on the internet software market but I dont know which area to take. Does anyone have any ideas as to what kind of software is useful and needed on the market. I dont just wanna make another ftp client or browser because there's either too many of them or so much competition that it's not worth making another.
Any ideas of what areas should be covered??
Posted on 2001-08-31 08:23:35 by nin

how about more sharing software? music wants to be free or the evil RIAA must be stopped or we must bring NiN to those who are needy...

dr phil :)
Posted on 2001-08-31 22:56:17 by phil
How about stealth distribution software? Just for private protection of course. You select a group of files to transmit and a group of files to mimic. Then the software creates the directory structure with files that look like the mimic files, but with the data of the distribution files. Then you could email the key file that tells how to put it all back together into the distribution files. You could provide advanced cloaking, which would mimic the headers and such of the mimic files. For example, an HTML file would have a dummy header to look like a HTML file. And a jpg/gif would have a valid header.

Just a wicked thought. :) Poor sys admins.
Posted on 2001-08-31 23:05:42 by bitRAKE
I really think that here are alot of ideas, some new
and some old, it is not so much that you should
write a new type of program, if you could invent
a new type of software, then that is good, but
software programming is not about making something
new, it is possible for you to write a program that
has already been written, but it is how you make it
for the USER, if your program is easier to use, has some
very cool abilitys over other simular programs you just
might capture the market, example, there are alot of
chat programs, AIM, YAHOO,ICQ,ect. but to this date
ICQ has the most users, this is why AOL gave two
guys 400 MILLION for the program. these two guys
from ISREAL or some where around there made there
chat program is such away that ICQ is now a very popular
program, even though AOL now advertizes in it.

Posted on 2001-09-04 20:27:48 by Zcoder
hmmm, thx. So maybe I could do something with never seen before features but its type has been done before!
Posted on 2001-09-04 20:31:47 by nin

Zcoder has a good idea. many people do well by taking an existing idea and making it better... just look at Micro$haft.

dr phil :)
Posted on 2001-09-04 20:55:52 by phil
LOL :))
Posted on 2001-09-04 20:57:44 by nin
The best thing todo is to find all the programs you like and don't like that are similar in functionality and purpose and take the features you like most and pile them into one program and make it so simple that grandma can use it and you'll find yourself with a wide user base. That's what MS does. That's why people who know nothing about computers can find themselves system admins... because the software takes care of itself mostly.

Posted on 2001-10-02 16:27:11 by _Shawn