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Here is the lastest part of the history line:

- Added the ability to change projects directory.
- Projects and output box toolbars are now embedded in pagers
so it should be easier to add new icons here.
- Added recents files and recents projects lists into
systray menu.
- Added a project type to create control panel extensions.
- Changed projectstype.ini slightly: added an optional
field in main definition, if present the MAsmEd will
perform a post rename operation on the produced file
with the given extension
(See definition of control panel type).
- Added Release in versioning system (as it should be).
- User can now specify if MAsmEd should include version
resource in produced file or not.
Note: this function supersedes skin's AddVInfo tag
if unchecked.
- Added the ability to include a Windows XP manifest in
produced files (not tested extensively).
- Improved project creation dialog
(it can now be displayed at start and it includes
recents opened projects).
- Added a project type for Windows NT++ drivers creation
(not tested at all).
- Added handling and language def. for html files.
- Added an user menu entry to display current html file
in default web browser.
- Added HighlightNbrs tag in languages definitions files.
- %9 shortcut added (like %8 but returns %4 instead of %3).
- Created a true about window (blah).
- Added a little contextual menu in user menus editor.
- Added an option to auto correct AP?s names cases on the fly.
- API database handling revised, should be MUCH faster
(especially for APIs names cases corrections).
- Added handling for ENTER key in projects treeview:
it will performs default option for the selected entry.
- Added current file percent position in status bar.
- Added some colors profiles.
- Added optional linkers arguments ability in skins.
- Added a pascal test example (from Free Pascal distribution).
- Added an entry in Tools user menu to run Windows calculator
(Useful to have it ready sometimes).
- Added several functions available for AddIns.
the updated definition file is in temapltes directory
(AddInConst.inc) be sure to copy it in your addin directory.

- Corrected a bug in projects properties: frame disapeared
when pressing escape key in version informations datas
(thanks to volki tolki for that one too).
- Non modal dialogs should adapt more correctly to various
Windows appearances.
- Added ifnb and elseif in Asm.mln (forgot that).
- Fixed a problem with memory handling concerning APIs
database functions.
- Added XMMs registers in languages files.
- Fixed a bug with non existant files registered as snippets
or templates (stoopid one).
- Fixed a bug in registers searching function
(wasn't language sensitive).
- MAsmEd won't run on outdated systems anymore
(my eyes nearly felt out of my head when i saw
how awful it was). I can think of some workaround if
someone ask it expressively (But i hope not).
- Improved Pascal.mln slightly.

Cheers and that sort of things,

Posted on 2002-10-30 06:29:44 by hitchhikr