RadAsm is good tool,thanx KetilO.Now I think Insight(v3.1) is best Editor for asm programer,please view
Posted on 2002-10-30 09:31:52 by jingulong
If you doubleclick on a error report in the RadASM output window, it also takes you to the correct line... nothing new :)

To be honest I don't see anything that RadASM doesn't have... except maybe it supports Chinese?
Posted on 2002-10-30 11:04:13 by Qweerdy
Yes,I said it was a good tool befor.
Just as you said,it is unstable for Chinese. It will crash!.So Source Insight is a better selection...:alright:
Posted on 2002-10-30 22:40:16 by jingulong
Newer version was nolonger crash while you input chinese.
just try it...
Posted on 2002-10-31 01:02:11 by Const.Ex
Hi, Const.Ex

I tried it agin with new version,but it is still crash.:o
Posted on 2002-10-31 03:23:12 by jingulong