Hi !:)
Sound was missing for PacGges it is now added!
This version is programmed in 100 % assembler with SPASM
I hope that you will spend a good moment with this small game.
Posted on 2002-11-02 10:20:38 by Asmgges

Hey! Somebody needs to teach the screen player manners! :grin:

Nice game you have there. The only things I miss are:

AI, but I guess the number of monsters will do
Please, don't keep playing that tune over and over :grin:
Change direction any time I want, instead of from "block to block" (died several times because of this :( )

You cheated! I remember I had a *HARD* time getting the eyes to return home without getting stuck in endless loops, while yours run over the walls! :grin: I think I solved it by creating "hot spots" in some of the mazes.

Something really weird happened in level 5. The top wall was missing, and both me and the monsters could walk off the playfield! Is that supposed to be like that? Also, the level ended and I still had not eaten all of the dots.

If you wanted, may be I can send you my 2 pacman versions, which are written in 100% assembler, but both are for DOS and one of them requires a DOS extender which is included as part of the executable (so you will not be able to run that one on NT boxes).

Posted on 2002-11-06 18:58:32 by CarlosM7
Hi !CarlosM7 :)
I saw the problem of the level 4 with the height of the missing decoration it is now resolved
I have not a lot of time this evening but I shall answer you this weekend.
Thank you for your attempt:)
Posted on 2002-11-07 10:44:26 by Asmgges
Hi !CarlosM7 :)
Yes repetitive music should be seen again I agree with you I would like to find a file .wav longer and more pleasant to listen.
The other things should also be modified it will make in due course.
You programmed two Pacman in assembler for Dos? :cool:
Yes I would be very happy to see the results of your work.
All the good advices are welcome
I wish you a very good weekend:)

Posted on 2002-11-08 10:16:31 by Asmgges

I would like to try your new "release" when available. Will you teach your screen player manners? :grin:

I am enclosing here my second version of the game. It requires a DOS extender which is included as part of the executable (DOS32 by Adam Seychel). It is quite easy to use and play, and even supports joystick, but I don't remember if it is working correctly (I do not have a stick right now to test it). Hopefully some newby (spelling?) will find something usefull in the code. (Source code included).

Inportant: It uses a DOS extender, for that reason if you do not have access to a 9x or a DOS box, do not bother downloading it, it will not work on NT class boxes.


PS: In e.exe, the email is not correct. I then corrected it and re-built it onto eggman.exe.
Posted on 2002-11-08 23:59:49 by CarlosM7
Now, this is my first "serious" application in assembler. Not bad for a first time :)

In this one I really screwed up with timing. I developed it in a 486DX2/66 quite a while ago. If I remeber correctly I counted from 0 to x 18.2 times per second, where x is a number long enough to slow the animation to 18.2 times per second. The problem is the counter is a word and 65535 is not a number high enough to slow down the speed to aceptable leves on faster computers. Remember, it was my first attempt, don't blame me for screwing up in timing this bad :grin:

This one uses plain vanilla real mode, so it should run in all windows boxes (both 9x and NT), and who knows on some sort of Linux DOS emulation too! (Never tested it, so I can not guaratee it).

The email displayed on the atract mode is not correct, but I tried and rebuild the application, and the new .exe brings the whole Windows 98 down with it!! So I will not be able to fix the email address displayed until I fix this one out. :(


PS: This files are some what off topic, but I am posting them here at Asmgges' request and because they at least are partially on topic, as they are written in 100% assembler.
Posted on 2002-11-09 00:36:27 by CarlosM7
Hi !:)
I love your very beautiful Eatgirl ! CarlosM7 :tongue:
I so programmed under Dos with Nasm and the Dos-extender RAW32 .
The regulation of the speed was a very big problem and the graphic programming under Dos a true puzzle.
You seem to have found very effective algorithms, reactions to events keyboard are very good and interesting game.
I am going to study your games:alright:

;;;;;; ;) Ps: I give you soon modified Pacgges !
Posted on 2002-11-09 03:26:50 by Asmgges
Hi all.

I want to thank those who took the time to download my little proggies :) , and if not too much to ask, may I take this opportunity to ask for some feedbak on the following:

Monster AI
The joystick works correctly? (I did some limited testing, but not much)

Hey Asmgges, are you done yet?

Thank you, later... :-)
Posted on 2002-11-30 17:56:43 by CarlosM7
Hi ! CarlosM7 :)
I have not even had a lot of time to work with Pacgges I am going to be able to modify this program and study your works during my holidays of the end of year.
If you want to enjoy yourselves with a code source download Spacehll5.zip on my Web site.
Do not forget to adapt in the code source variable " SpeedGame " with the power of your processor.
Give a soft kiss of my part to your delicious EatGirl :) :tongue:
Posted on 2002-12-02 10:24:07 by Asmgges