Well, as you all can see I am new to this board. And so far I dont have a 'real'
thread to start. Since all my questions have been answeard through the
little 'search' button. But I will try my best to help others in need, if my newbie
knowledge can be helpfull to others.

I have only programmed in Basic & Visual Basic before I started using
assembly. And so far, I am not happy with the fact that I learned VB
before assembly. Because VB has the tendency to get you confused when
your trying to understand 'real' code. :grin:

Thanks to all of you that have made learning assembly alot easier. Without
this forum I would have been 'lost' in my search for more knowledge.

Thanks for your time, :alright:
Posted on 2002-11-04 14:40:29 by natas
Hei nata, you're wellcome. ;)

Posted on 2002-11-04 15:21:13 by Maverick
Yeah, welcome to you !
Posted on 2002-11-04 16:25:06 by JCP

You will have fun with assembler, no more kiddies stuff and you will end up knowing how it works as well.


Posted on 2002-11-04 17:35:08 by hutch--