Hi, please help me with my problem.

I am doing little program in ASM, where output will be capacity of the current disc (FDD, HDD, ZIP...)
and amount of clusters.

I use instruction 1cH but i cant multiply two numbers that are stored in AH... (acc. to 1cH).

Second problem is, that on FAT32 HDD this function saves wrong number.

Which instruction can i use and how can i multiply two numbers (big numbers, overflow problem!)

Thanks a lot to all repliers.

DJ Click

P.S. I am sorry for my english.
Posted on 2002-11-05 04:15:48 by DJ Click
U should use MUL, IMUL, etc. If u need to multiply very huge numbers (512 bits each, for example), u need to implement special algorithms. Its easy for additions, a little bit trickier for multiplication ;o).
Posted on 2002-11-05 09:39:03 by amcd
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Posted on 2002-11-05 14:16:47 by JCP
Salut Readiosys ! Vous allez souffrir ici, j'ai d?cid? de me consacrer ? l'ASM ;o) !

Hi Readiosys ! Some are going to get nervous down here, I've decided to join the ASM community ;o) !

Posted on 2002-11-05 17:06:20 by amcd
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Posted on 2002-11-07 01:03:31 by JCP