I have a .BMP file which displays a WWI fighter plane cockpit instrument panel. The panel
is brownish wood. When I use the BitBlt function it displays as it should. The .BMP file header
indicates the image has 256 RGBQUAD arrays & in the Color-Index array a pixel is represented
by 8 bits. I built my own file for direct draw, deleted the 2 BITMAP header arrays, transfered
the 256 DWORDS of the RGBQUAD array (as is) & the Color-Index array (from top down
instead of bottom up). I use the RGBQUAD array in the direct draw CreatePalette &
SetPalette functions. When I "draw" the cockpit on the screen it looks fine EXCEPT the
BROWNISH wood instrument panel is now BLUEISH wood. I suspect theres some MF
(magical firmware) trick I should be doing to each RGBQUAD DWORD before I invoke the
CreatePalette function.
Any help from any GURU'S out there would be greately appreciated. my E-MAIL ADR
Posted on 2002-11-05 12:17:13 by bobr_bak
Afternoon, bobr.

Sounds like the red and blue colour values are reversed.

Posted on 2002-11-05 17:10:26 by Scronty
Many thanks Scronty. Actually I had thought of that and during the coding of flop/flopping
bytes 0 & 2 upon transfering them I developed a real bad brain cramp & transfered bytes
1 & 3. Anyway now that I've fixed the code it works fine. Bloody great shame nobody
bothered to document that little bit.
Posted on 2002-11-06 13:17:00 by bobr_bak