Hi everybody,

I am working on an program and have few problems which i couldnt solve, so here are few questions from different areas

1. I need feature that will turn off computer aftet some period of user inactivity (no keys input or mouse movements) , just like screen saver does.. Is there any kind of specialised api or timer option for this thing or i will have to "work this out" in another way
ps. i need to do this without using global hooks which need additonal dll

2. When executing shutdown, restart,standby or logoff option under NT/2K/XP systems, what is going to happen if the user is not admin? I am win98 user so I dont have much expirience with nt platform, but i need to make program nt compatabile.

3. How can I make the child dialog that is drawn over the Tab Control, to be drawn with that color of the xp-stylized Tab Control?

5. What is difference between putin windows in standby and hibernate, I tryed both on my win98 but they seems to do same work, turn off hard disk and monitor.... except if somthing happens
"under the hood" which i cant directly see like monitor turn off?

4. Is it anyhow possible to make program on NT/2K/XP invisible on ctrl+alt+del list, I tryed to register it as service but it still visible in list. Is there any option to turn off services to be shown from this list or any other solution
I am not interested in "ha**ish", "v*r**" and other similar forbiden or undocumented methods, just if there is some trick for this

thanks in advance :)
Posted on 2002-11-06 18:07:13 by Mikky
1. ExitWindowEx allows you to shutdown, log off, reboot and power of. Take a look at an screen saver code and see how it does.

2. The API will probably return with an error eg some ERROR_NOT_ADMIND value,

3. I don't know.

5. Well, hibbernation basically saves the RAM to disk and powers of, and when you boot up your computer Windows will (hopefully :rolleyes: ) return to the state it was before hibernating (apps you had running are restored); Work well in theory (not always in real world :( )
Standby enters the most energy saving mode, puting all devices it can into standby more.

4. IIRC there is some example on the forum (or was it on Iczelions site?), try the excelent search engine.
Posted on 2002-11-06 23:55:50 by scientica
2. That would catually depend on what the policies are for that system... You always have to give the process priviliges to shutdown and whatnot tho... examples at Iczelions page:
Time ShutDown v1.0.zip
Hope fully they'll help you out a bit
4. Sientica I'm guessing you were thinking of this?Invisibility by yoda
Posted on 2002-11-07 01:51:50 by NervGaz
1. yes i know how to shutdown, restart computer etc.. that is not problem, problem is how to make it happen after some period of user inactivity, that is no mouse or keyboard activity is registered during that period..... now AFAIK screen savers does not do this directly, rather windows call them after inactivity period, so i am not sure if i will find anything in screen savers code

5. ok i know about that tool by y0da but it involves api hooking which is not really a legal method, so i was wondering if there is some kind of trick to do that..... just a thought, what will happen if admin user register some program as service and later some other non-admin user tryies to shutdown program? i guess he will be not able to do that or am i wrong?

acctually the problem i am trying to solve is to make program runing all the time, that is no way to terminate it.... yeah i know its not possible but i want to make it then harder to terminate
Posted on 2002-11-07 16:55:21 by Mikky
acctually the problem i am trying to solve is to make program runing all the time, that is no way to terminate it.... yeah i know its not possible but i want to make it then harder to terminate
Mikky, let you'r eyes roll over this post i just wrote: http://www.asmcommunity.net/board/index.php?topic=8844

Posted on 2002-11-07 18:58:26 by natas