Hi All:

Newbie question :

How can I make a simple edit dialog box with one OK button, that will accept any text on it and as soon as you click the OK button, it will save the text you entered in a variable, do some calculation and then exit the program??

I want to do it in the most simple, short and easy way, please send some code with explanation if possible!

What I want to learn is specifically edit dialog boxes!

Sorry if this is very simple for some of you out there!

I've read the tutorials in Masm v7, but is too hard for me to understand the logic behind edit controls. A MessageBox is very easy, but a edit box is more complicated I guess...


Posted on 2002-11-06 20:08:39 by nestor
hm not sure what tutorials u read or mean from masm7

u might have a look at iczelions tutorial 10 and 11
here tut10


here tut11

except the save thinggy iczelion gives u an overview about what u?re lookin for
Posted on 2002-11-07 01:06:39 by Allanon