I tried to make a dialog with a DATE TIME PICKER in RadASM editor. However when I compile the project the Dialog refuses to show while I have this Date Time Picker on it. Once removed it works fine. This is case on Win98. On my XP box it works fine. Note that Common control version is suitable.,

I need help ASAP
Posted on 2002-11-07 17:22:04 by Milos
Hi Milos

You have to init common controls to use the date/time controls.

Here is an example.

Posted on 2002-11-08 00:02:55 by KetilO
Thenks ketilo. I didn't know it was expected from a coder to initialize controls that windows was supposed to make for you. Now it works great, thanks.
Posted on 2002-11-08 14:58:48 by Milos