i plan to reopen the OllyDbg Users forum, so here it is in beta stage

now there is nothing in, but you can post freely (either anonymous or
registered) your ideeas, requests, bugs, whatever ...

i will keep you inform about new OllyDbg releases (if you dont want, say it :rolleyes: )

thank you all for your testing/using OllyDbg

ps. 11.Nov.2oo2 - 2nd year anniversary of OllyDbg
Posted on 2002-11-08 09:19:36 by TBD
nice, thanks for your effort, did you made that forum? it looks very professional
Posted on 2002-11-08 09:32:52 by mob
mob: nope, i used minibb

as i dont have direct access to the host (only through a friend) i cannot
change/update as i like.

i plan to change the colors, add the copyrights (minibb & has.it) and also
to add an upload feature for plugins area

i like minibb because is fast, small and simple ... i dont want graphics, smilies
and stuph ... just content :)
Posted on 2002-11-08 09:37:04 by TBD