How hard would it be to use things like MESA3D, SDL, or Allegro with MASM? I know Im going over my head here (Im only halfway thru my first reading of the red book!) but if its possible to use these somehow it would be really cool

they all come with .libs and .dll's full of nice functions so Id assume you can invoke them somehow like we do with opengl32.dll
if so that would make some easier to handle.. if you dont already know about these free extentions for openGL, check out these sites:



Posted on 2001-09-01 14:19:01 by closed_casket
Just grab the libs and use l2inc to extract the prototypes. All in all, they should be the same though. You can always just guess at the prototypes by push push push call.

Just use l2inc.exe. It's in the masm32\bin
Posted on 2001-09-01 14:36:39 by Kenny
Anyone know how I can get a precompiled DLL/Lib for MESA3D? Im pretty sure if I had that I could then work with it in MASM, but I have Dev C++ and I have trouble compiling and linking with it..
Supposedly its all free, and they give all the source code to it on the site along with demos etc.. but they dont have compiled versions anywhere that Ive seen.. I want to play with Mesa3d and I think I could if I had the DLL to work with..

If anyone is wondering _why_ I want to use these extentions when Im just a newbie and hardly understand the regular commands.. I just want to be able to use everything in MASM that the C++ people can..
Posted on 2001-09-08 19:53:56 by closed_casket