First of all I'm a newbie to x86 so please bear with me if my questions seem stupid.
I've attached some code that should just grab an area of the desktop and blit it else where.

Unfortunately it seems to do bugger all!
Can anyone see what I have done wrong?


Dr Gonzo
Posted on 2002-11-16 06:16:29 by Dr Gonzo
I think you forgot to attach the code, and I'm pretty sure I saw some thread like this some time ago, try the search engine.
Posted on 2002-11-16 06:24:53 by scientica
Just found OllyDbg.... what a great tool.
Anyway it turns out my call to CreateDibSection was failing, this was because I hadn't initialised the bitmap structure.

Seems to work OK now.


Dr Gonzo
Posted on 2002-11-16 06:28:06 by Dr Gonzo