Are there any site/server that is devoted to API tracing techniques? Or may be there are any articles/examples, that show or demonstrate this? Please, do not advice to read MSDN...
Posted on 2001-09-01 17:01:44 by Maestro
Posted on 2001-09-01 17:08:42 by latigo
OK. That is very good. Thanks.
Posted on 2001-09-01 18:07:23 by Maestro
I have the source code to the APISpy32 program (latest version) available from You have to agree to some conditions but if you download the program and read the files with it it'll tell you how. He'll send you the source code.

It's really cool, you can trace every API call in the OS. It's nice, even spy into their parameters. If it's a string, rather than telling you the pointer value, you'll get the actual string and so on. Source is in C.

Posted on 2001-09-02 02:46:45 by _Shawn