This community provides us with a great place for questions, answers,
and good'ol fun(  :D ). However, a lot of the questions asked in here
have either been asked before, or they get asked because of the lack
of information available to them( or because some of them are just lazy).
Wich could make some of the good 'ol elites go nuts (  :P ).

Whats the first rule of learning? research. So I thought: Why not
provide a big list of links to information? Maybe the information
provided on those sites, will get the people to read/try before they ask.
Well, it's just an idea. Let's see what happens shall we?

So let's all contribute with links regarding the Assembly issue.
Weither it is related to MASM/TASM/NASM/ROSASM/ETC. :alright:

Description: Iczelion's masm related, tutorials, documentation, examples, and a links collection.
Check it out!
Description: Here you'll find alot of useful things for GoAsm: editor/assembler/-
resource compiler/linker/symbolic debugger/++Source code, articles, etc.
Description: Where RosAsm is hidden, its an Assembler for ReactOS/WINE/Win32 PE files production.
w/source code, tutorials, articles, downloads.
Description: Home of the FASM assembler. The flat assembler is a fast and
efficient self-assembling 80x86 assembler for DOS, Windows and Linux.
Description: Hutch--'s Home on the Web.
Description: Where OllyDbg lives! a 32-bit assembler level analysing debugger
for Microsoft Windows. Including, docs,tutorials, on that subject. Exellent!
Will suite most/all of your debugging needs, and best of all it's free!
Description: Wotsit's Format, the complete programmer's resource on the net.
This site contains file format information on hundreds of different file types
and all sorts of other useful programming information; algorithms, source code,
specifications, etc.
Description: The Programmers File Format Collection. Mostly the same content
as wotsit has.
Description:Lots of information about x86 processors, including
undocumented opcodes and bugs
Description: The world's leading source for pure technical x86 processor information
Description: The Art of Assembly Language Programming
Description: Ralf Brown's Interrupt List.
Description: Alot of information on optimizing assembly code.
Description: Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), a place to find information about
api's and anything related to windows.
Description: The Assembler Programming Journal (APJ)
Description: Belongs to Scronty who pops-in every nowandthen, with DirectX, Tutorials, examples,
includes, and even some links.
Description: Thomas a.k.a MadWizard, W32ASM/Winsock tutorials, a handy snippet library,
and other usefull source codes/information.
Description: f0dder's place. Home of fSekrit, Essays, Articles and more. Unusual but very interesting. This one stands out.
Description: The home of Comrade. Some good source codes in assembly.
Description: Some programs w/source in ASM/C, and for all the number freaks you'll find
some math-tutorials.
Description: Test Department, a good selection of masm source code.
Description: Tasm, 16/32 source codes, 32-Bit C Compiler, and a Debugger, etc.
Description: A good collection of assembly source code. Including NT kernel-
mode and user-mode driver skeletons. A little tricky for the general newbie,
but exciting for others.
Description: Interesting sections with, (m/t)asm, source code, tutorials, articles, etc.
Description: Good selection of 16/32(M)ASM source code.
Description: W32ASM: Series of articles about DirectX from start to end. Worth
a cup of coffee and then some.
Description: Assembly 16/32(MASM) source code.
Description: Good articles/tutorials/source code/ for (M/T/N)ASM.
Description: Source codes to small games in DirectX6.(T/M)ASM
Description: Home of the PizziOS written in 100% asm. Defintly something to
read about. You'll also find some tasm src code and articles.
Description: Information regarding Masm+some src code. Peek it!
Description: Good list of Masm source codes.
Description: Series of articles on howto create a game called "SPACE-TRIS"
using Masm/DirectX.
Description: Ewayne's Win32 Assembly Homepage - Home of AsmEdit, a lot of source code for complete (small) applications can be found there.
Description: COM in (M)ASM Code, good tutorials, examples, same guy
who wrote the wonderfull stuff in your '\masm32\com\' directory. :)
Description: very good site about COM programming in ASM, be sure to check it out if COM interests you
Description: Com and OOP dedicated Homepage. Libs and includes along with various tools like a special OOP in Asm oriented IDE.
Description: ApiViewer! this is a program wich contains api functions,constants,
and types. Contains a database with API:functions:6541, constants:55566, types:458
Syntax for visual basic, delphi, pyxia ibasic, AND MASM. A MUST FOR PROGRAMMERS!
Description: an assortiment of source code and specs on various hardware related stuff, useful for OS developers.
Also has nice info on CDROM reading, ISO9660 specs, USB specs etc..
Description: Some nifty gfx and other source codes. Written for Tasm.
Description: Source code's to 16-BIT assembly code written for TASM.
Description: Linux (NASM) tutorials in Japanese, but code is in English.
Description: According to gavin this is the goldmine of asm, wherein Ratch describes it as a computer science course syllabus with selected notes. I'm sure it is helpful in some way. Check it out.


.:.EDIT.:. Changed a few descriptions, removed/added some links.
Posted on 2002-11-17 00:54:27 by natas
If you want some links to be added here, please send a private message to a moderator or post a topic in "the heap" about it.


Posted on 2002-11-19 09:26:40 by bazik
Here are a few I've found handy over the years (not specifically windows but still worth a click).
Posted on 2006-04-01 11:20:48 by Synfire