Can anyone show me how to create a progress bar?
Posted on 2002-11-18 16:28:44 by bgong68
Posted on 2002-11-18 17:03:49 by bazik

.if msg == WM_INITDIALOG
call SendDlgItemMessageA, hwnd, 3001, TBM_SETRANGEMIN, 1,0
call SendDlgItemMessageA, hwnd, 3001, TBM_SETRANGEMAX, 1,100
call SendDlgItemMessageA, hwnd, 3000, PBM_SETPOS,1,0

.elseif msg == WM_COMMAND
.if wParam == button_id

inc dword ptr [count]
cmp dword ptr [count],100
jl retry_pb
mov dword ptr [count],0
call SendDlgItemMessageA, hwnd, 3000, PBM_SETPOS,count,0


attach is my simple example. Pbar+Trbar

have nice days
Posted on 2002-11-18 17:14:30 by CYDONIA
Almost every thread that asks for help
I see you tell them to search for it.
or this or that, I find you a BAD Mod
in the fact that this forum is and was
for the purpose to help anyone if they
could, you must be in a bad mood 100%
of the time.

Also I don't care what your responce is to me
as I will stand up for what is right and wrong
while most other members fear you all, and what
is there to fear??

Lighten your mood, to this forum.
people NEW or OLD to this forum desirve
more respect then you offer.

Posted on 2002-11-18 22:06:47 by Zcoder

>Almost every thread that asks for help
>I see you tell them to search for it.

Ok, then tell me why they dont do it?
If I tell it in "almost every thread", they should have learned it at some point?

And its not the thing that they ask, but how they ask.
For example this one sentance question... why didnt he just search for "progress bar" ?
Another point is that most people which ask in that way dont even say "thank you" but
would appreciate if you write the complete code for them.

>or this or that, I find you a BAD Mod
>in the fact that this forum is and was
>for the purpose to help anyone if they
>could, you must be in a bad mood 100%
>of the time.

Feel free to call me "bad mod" if that satisfies you.
But you should also notice that I gave him the correct answer for his question plus an advice .

>Also I don't care what your responce is to me
>as I will stand up for what is right and wrong
>while most other members fear you all, and what
>is there to fear??

Maybe our cruel punishment methods we showed in earlier days....

>Lighten your mood, to this forum.
>people NEW or OLD to this forum desirve
>more respect then you offer.

Now you see that I am a not such a "bad mod", else I would say something unpolite to you and send you a warning about not being rude, expecially to moderators.

By the way, if you dont like my posts, feel free to use the ignore function.

Bottom point is, that guys like bgong68 really do what I please them to do before they post next.
I dont see a negative thing if threads start with something like "yes bazik, I have searched before posted".
Posted on 2002-11-19 01:01:52 by bazik

This messageboard is up for more than one year. During this time, many questions has been posted... all these questions have created an huge code repository and answers database for much questions about asm and win32 programming.

It is up to our visitors to visit the FAQ and use the search the answer they are looking for. For two reasons.
The first is that is way faster for them because they find the answer immediatly.
The second is that it saves times to other people to answer to already answered questions.
Refusing to use it is like throwing away a winning lottery ticket, to me.

I remember that in some newsgroups, it happened to wait for answers two or three days. It was LONG. This board is very active and members have answers quickly, but they must not forget the usual tools of knowledge as are FAQs and search engines.
Posted on 2002-11-19 01:22:44 by JCP
I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help. I would also like to thank CYDONIA for the code example.
Posted on 2002-11-19 16:21:51 by bgong68

Maybe our cruel punishment methods we showed in earlier days....

hm. i wouldn't know what those would be, but i *do* know of some other sysadmin who, once, when someone tried to hack his box, traced the IP (which he normally does) to a static-IP of some cable-modem user who happened to live within an hour's drive... after doing some digging, he found the address of the attacker and sent a stern snail mail message. He got some spam back from the attacker (which was dumb on the attacker's behalf - you don't do that to someone who has your address and you don't have theirs!) and decided to put ketchup all over the person's porch (which i think would constitute trespassing, but oh well)...

i think that would constitute a cruel (and perhaps unusual) punishment method. :grin:
Posted on 2002-11-19 18:10:27 by jademtech
This progress bar program has numerical output showing percentage of progress.
Posted on 2002-11-20 18:21:57 by roaknog
I did a search for progress, progressbar
and progress bar and got more things
that was not related to a progress bar
try it yourself.

and with the forum deleteing very old subjects
to clear room, you can then understand that,
thought one person may have asked the same
question, and posted it under who knows what topic,
that others may not beable to find or locate the post
with the search function. (which by the way is not GOD in it's self)

Therefore I sujest you look more into yourself as to why
you feel you should run off at the mouth and think that
the answer to everyones problem is using a search function.

searching is the best way to find what you are hunting.
this is a fact of the internet, you can't get around it.

but, when you have tryied, very hard without success,
and you turn to asking people in a forum, you should not
get flamed for it becouse you failed to search the proper

each person on the internet has different skill levels, one person
can search and find things easier then the next person.
you don't need to flame people for this.

In that past year, I have seen NEW people come to this
forum and ask the most basic things, that I am sure was
asked before, and all they got was "SEARCH for it".

You may say this is a good way to learn, by searching
Then I ask you this: "Why the hell have this forum???"

If you can find a post that is about the same topic
share it by posting a link to that post, and don't
fall into remarks about that this has been asked
already. just nicely post the link.

How hard it that?? I don't know what the problem is
with some of the MOD's here, but if you are having
problems like, you lost your JOB, your rent is past DUE,
your car payment is past DUE, your wife is past DUE,
and your girl friend is past DUE, don't take it out on
the people that visit this forum.

Posted on 2002-11-23 01:27:42 by Zcoder