Hi all,
Does someone know's where i can find a help file or whatever explaning all propeties for the controls in a window in asm language?
What i want is something showing the name of the control we can program on a dialog box example
LTEXT -> who would be a simple label
EDITTEXT -> who would be a input field
PUSHBUTTON -> who's a button...
and there respective propeties, example we design the editext to be only read only with the es_readonly propeties.

Those i know for seeing them in a program but what if i dont know and want to create let's say a radio button what's the name and what is properties...

Altouhgt i have been searching alot over the net for this i did not find nothing in this perspective well at lease nothing who would be specific to this, all controls and there properties in asm... does this exist? :confused:

BTW, apart microsoft platform sdk, is there only a small help file somewhere on the net for me? :grin:

Thanks for your help

Posted on 2002-11-18 18:50:41 by Snoop
Check out a file called RC.HLP . I don't remember where I got my copy, but a Dogpile search brings up several sites that have it. Here's one, it's the last file on the page:


Posted on 2002-11-18 22:46:31 by S/390
S/390 :alright:
Thanks alot. This is exaclty what i was searching for. Not less not more.
Front page when i open the help file did not seem to be it but when clicking on search, was exaclty that..
knew it had to exist somewhere!

BTW, the file on the link you gave me is not available anymore.. but doing a search for rc.hlp found a couple..

So thanks again


Posted on 2002-11-18 23:26:08 by Snoop
Kool, but remember, RC.HLP is a little old. The most recent info is always on MSDN.

MSDN is your best friend. :grin:

Here's a pretty good resource starting point:


Or a level up:


Posted on 2002-11-19 00:03:37 by S/390
Ok thanks, and some told me for the sdk plateform as i would have everything. The only problem is that full dl is over 350meg, but seem's that there is a .chm file that's about 10meg that will be helpfull too. I'll go check this out.

Ok see u
Posted on 2002-11-19 00:12:32 by Snoop