hello all of u guys...

This time I am facing a very strange problem.

I have written a assembly file called "file.asm" whose content is as follows



Function PROC Var1:DWORD, Var2:DWORD

; some code

Function endp

I make file.lib and when I am linking this file.lib from an anotherfile.c file its giving
a error...

How to solve this problem ???

Posted on 2002-11-20 01:11:43 by processingspeed
I hope this help You...
Posted on 2002-11-20 01:34:49 by Eviloid
Thanks alot Eviloid.....

It is very help great help for me..

can u suggest any link or tutorials regarding linking assembly library with the other high level languages .

Thanks alot

Posted on 2002-11-20 04:37:40 by processingspeed