I feel really stupid here, but I just can't understand what it means that e.g. RadASM, or other IDEs, are "compatible with" MASM32?

Isn't MASM32 just another IDE too? Why would an IDE be "compatible" with another IDE?

A small explanation would be great, thanks!
Posted on 2002-11-20 18:00:45 by dELTA
Masm32 is the group of files including include files, lib files , than are necessary to compile (in a console way) a program...an IDE like RADasm make thing more easy to get the same end in a windows 32 enviroment...usin the files included on MASM32 compiler...it's just a friendly mak for MASM32
Posted on 2002-11-20 19:08:21 by DrBios