Hello all u guys.........

I am facing a strange problem ......

problem is that I have written a library in C and rewrote in assembly ( in MASM ) to increase the performance of my programs using that library..

but the strange the problem is that when I have checked the efficiency of my library functions i found that library written in C are more faster.

I repeatedly check my assembly code to reduce no. of instructions to make it fast but even then C library is fast..

is there any problem with my library ? ( so that I have to do more work to improve it )

Posted on 2002-11-22 02:59:07 by processingspeed
By simply rewriting the code from C to asm you get no magic speed advantage.. it's all hard work based on knowledge and experience that makes you beat the most renowed compilers, and only in the most tricky situations.. since the best compilers are pretty good at optimizing "x=0" like statements.
One thing you may do is to compile the C source, get an ASM output, then study it and see the (many) things that can be done better than the compiler. But just rewriting C code in ASM doesn't sound very optimized.
Posted on 2002-11-22 03:12:53 by Maverick
As Maverick said,you must to rewrite your code in asm. There are many optimisation opportunities in asm


Posted on 2002-11-22 04:49:29 by Vortex