I have noticed for a while that the menu item "Goto Bookmark" is always greyed out. Is this planned for the future, where we can number or name our bookmarks so we can goto them with Ctrl+0...9 like the hotkey hints? This would be great, cannot wait. Also, is there a way to save the bookmarks between sessions? Maybe save the line to the rap file?

Posted on 2002-11-24 07:32:25 by Gunner
Hi Gunner

With Ctrl+0..9 (not the num pad) you both create and jump to a bookmark.
These bookmarks are saved when the project is closed.

Posted on 2002-11-24 10:35:22 by KetilO
Oooooh, check that out, you learn something new everyday! Outstanding, now I can navigate around my code *much* quicker!

Posted on 2002-11-24 19:37:42 by Gunner