Hello all,

How is this done? Ive looked EVERYWHERE for the format of resource scripts and could not find anything. I only found info on RES files, which I dont need.

I want to know how to write resource scripts by hand. Resource scripts like those generated by resource editors.

Can anyone help?

Posted on 2001-09-02 18:56:22 by Torch
I have an RC.HLP file that I can't remember where I got it - is it in the MASM package or SDK? There is also a resource compiler called GORC, and he has some nice documentation, but the syntax is a little different. I don't code them by hand so much any more, but I might edit them by hand.
Posted on 2001-09-02 19:13:45 by bitRAKE
Thanks BitRAKE :)

I found my RC.hlp in the Borland Shared directory that was installed with my Delphi 5 and C++Builder 5 dev software :).

I didnt know it existed until you mentioned the help file name.


Posted on 2001-09-02 20:18:05 by Torch
Is it illegal to have that help file if you dont own delphi? If its not, could you post it here?
Posted on 2001-09-02 21:38:34 by ChimpFace9000
Im not entirely positive, but i thought it came in the MASM32\BIN dir when installed.

Posted on 2001-09-02 22:28:22 by NaN
Petzold's "Programming Windows 95" (now 98 and counting) is still my best first choice for fundamental windows API coding.

He has seeral examples and explanations of what resource files can do for you, and how they work.
Posted on 2001-09-03 00:29:24 by Ernie
Posted on 2001-09-03 01:21:09 by S/390
RC.HLP is from the PlatformSDK, its a free and legal download so no-one has anything to worry about using it.


Posted on 2001-09-03 04:59:31 by hutch--

Here you are :)
Posted on 2001-09-03 09:10:20 by Torch
Posted on 2001-09-03 12:04:47 by ChimpFace9000