1. When the comment starts, the text followed by comment should be changed its style (my comment style is gray italic), but this is not the case as in Figure 1.

2. After the comment ends with ^, the text within the comment block should be also be changed if there is no functionality what i mentioned above. see Figure 2.

I can prove that the number two is a bug. When minimize the RadAsm and restore it again, the style of text within the comment block is changed correctly, see Figure 3. However if the size of the editor window is changed until there appears a scollbar (Figure 4), the style of text does not correct again..

By the way, there is a minor bug. From the Figure 4, the minimize, maximize and close box do not in a line when resizing the width of RadAsm smaller than some certain width.

P.S. The hiliting in Editor colors option are "Use hiliting" and "Shift italic up"
Posted on 2002-11-25 05:31:43 by yoursguideline
Hi yoursguideline

Yes, RadASM does not handle multiline comments well. They only work when the whole comment is painted.
Your second bug is how windows handles the mdi when a mdi child is maximized. Nothing to do about that.

Posted on 2002-11-25 05:44:47 by KetilO