rc.hlp (help file for Microsoft Resource Compiler, rc.exe, included in masm32) is missing from latest packages (6 and 7 I believe), but was present in masm32v5 if I recall correctly. Does anyone still have it?
Posted on 2002-11-25 20:53:10 by comrade
Google found on government site of Brazilia. Perhaps then it would be wise to put rc.hlp back to masm32 package in next release?
Posted on 2002-11-25 20:56:28 by comrade
Still no rc.hlp in masm32v5. Perhaps it was v4 then. So... does anyone have rc.hlp? :)
Posted on 2002-11-25 20:58:34 by comrade

version 7 has rc.hlp in the BIN directory. 131161 bytes dated 6/27/95

If you cannot find it, I will post it here for you.


Posted on 2002-11-25 21:22:36 by hutch--
this one is 242,769 bytes, dated 1/22/1997 + has a table of content[.TOC] :)

.rar to save bandwidth. :)
Posted on 2002-11-25 21:25:00 by stryker
Thanks amigo Stryker for the rc manual


Posted on 2002-11-26 03:36:47 by Vortex
senk u
Posted on 2002-11-26 16:59:22 by comrade