Hi all,

I have little experience with masm so i hope someone can help me...

Does anyone know how can I change the delay and typematic rate of keyboard in masm32?
Can these parameters be changed via windows messages?
must I use bios interrupts instead?

hints will be appreciated....

Posted on 2002-11-26 06:42:56 by Beltxa
Have a look at SystemParametersInfo using SPI_SETKEYBOARDDELAY.

Posted on 2002-11-26 07:25:35 by JimmyClif

As JimmyClif said you can set/get with SystemParametersInfo API.

if you want keyboard speed :

keyspeed dd 0


call SystemParametersInfoA,SPI_GETKEYBOARDSPEED,0, offset keyspd,0

if you want change keyboard "typematic" speed :

call SystemParametersInfoA,SPI_SETKEYBOARDSPEED,28,0,0

btw: offset keyspd = addr keyspd

have nice days,
Posted on 2002-11-26 07:37:14 by CYDONIA