Hi all... again I am bugged by the linking problem..

I donno why this is happening....

I have written a small utility in MASM called " add.asm " and assemble with MASM to get the " add.obj " which I converted to " add.lib " with the help of lib.exe. This add.asm file contains a single procedure.

Now, I have used this function in my C code which is again a function called calladd.C ( I have taken care about the __declspec ( naked ) and other stuffs ) now after compling this file with VC++ complier I got calladd.obj which I again converted into a calladd.lib.

Now this final library I am using with a new source file called testadd.c. I complied it successfully and link also.
But at the time of running programs crashes.

why ??? is it so ???
please somebody answer my question----
I have to obj's firstly add.obj
and secondly a c file ( which uses the procedure of add.asm. ) calladd.obj.
How could I create a single and final libray so that for my other source code I can call what ever function I want to call either the function of testadd.c or add.asm

Posted on 2002-11-26 06:55:19 by processingspeed