Hello Everyone,

I'm working on a project that has an HTA interface and I want to call on a COM object to do all of the real work. I like the COM tuts and colib and have had a lot of success getting the project off the ground using a modified "MyCom.MyCom2" object.

However, if I attempt to script "MyCom.MyCom3" it does create the object but always fails when a method or property is accessed. The script error is: "Object doesnt support this property or method". Any ideas? I unregistered all of Ernie's samples, rebooted, re-registered MyCom.MyCom3 but it still doesnt work. I really need to raise events in my component.

(This code works in a HTA file. Change "MyCom.MyCom2" to "MyCom.MyCom3" to see the failure. The
results are the same if an OBJECT tag is used instead of "ActiveXObject".)

function clk()

var oMC = new ActiveXObject("MyCom.MyCom2");

oMC.Value = 5;



<body onClick="clk()">

Posted on 2002-11-26 09:36:23 by Xtreme