This message is a response to NaN's last comment in the "WebBrowser into my App. How?" thread but also starts a new topic.

Sorry about falling off the earth everyone.
Everybody hits speed bumps in the road of life.

Say, which is needed more ?
1. The ability to add the WebBrowser object to an ASM project and completely control it.
2. Creating a generic COM "back-end" for an HTA "front-end".

When developing a project whose interface is HTML, the user won't really know the difference. HTAs are pretty much the same as adding the control to a project. Use Spy++ to check out an HTA window.

In my latest project I'm using an HTA interface to control an ASM COM object. To me this is much easier than developing the interface client site and the HTML and the project specific code.

Maybe I should develop a HTA/COM "app wizard" for Qeditor?
Posted on 2002-11-27 04:41:07 by Xtreme
An app wizard would be benificial for everyone, i would think. Especially for new comers to COM, since there is that 'its too hard for you' stigma around it.

As a follow up, I hope you realize i was only kidding with you in the previous thread. I will give you my help where i can, when i can :alright:

Posted on 2002-11-27 18:12:18 by NaN
I'll write a app wizard as an HTA that will ask for method and property names (I still don't have MyCom3 events working from script) and other info and generate the files.

I'll upload soon. Really...:grin:

Does MIDL ship with the PSDK or MSVC?
Posted on 2002-11-27 20:50:17 by Xtreme
I found a new problem. :rolleyes:

Is there a way to create a Window with messageloop inside a COM object? A message loop is needed to recieve messages from functions like WSAAsyncSelect, etc. Otherwise, when an HTA calls the COM method it will "hang" until the COM method completes, right?
Posted on 2002-11-28 10:25:09 by Xtreme
Progress is being made with the app wizard:

    [*]I'm thinking of using the "Malstrom COM OOP framework" in the code this wizard generates. I hope the framework does what I think. I have questions about it in the "OOP framework thread".

    [*]The wizard will generate an HTA file and Win32ASM COM project. The HTA can be used as the interface for the COM object or the object can be use alone or in another project.

    [*]I'll implement DHTML so the user can graphically add methods, properties (and events?) to an on screen COM object (you know a big square with lines that have knobs on their ends):grin:
Posted on 2002-11-28 19:20:08 by Xtreme