hi, about wdm again. i've trying to link to dibeng.dll which is 16bit from wdm which is 32bit. i see that every vxd that can be called from wdm are wrapped by vxdwraps.h. but dibeng are not included in that wraper. how do i do this to dibeng?

Posted on 2002-11-28 00:59:18 by dion
hi again, no one could help me out?

btw, i had success to make call to vkd services from wdm. but, i had to make vkd.h first that translated from vkd.inc, because there's no vkd.h in win98ddk package. is there any easier way to achieve this? i cant believe that i had to make each header file for every vxd i called.
and meanwhile i'm translate it to header file, i found MACRO definition. but, i got no example how to do MACRO in a header file. anyone know this one?

and about dibeng.dll. i had made the header file. but, there was no services in dibeng.dll but exports. i see the export ordinal definition of this dibeng in one of "mini" example file named mini.def. and i dont know how to call this one or define this ordinal call in header file. anyone know how to do this?

thanks in advance
Posted on 2002-11-29 05:11:27 by dion