Hi guys,
is there a possebility to get an information weather a webpage/file in the web is existing? I mean, when I open a file with OpenInternetUrl and this file isn't existing I get the 404 error page. But I don't want this, in this case I want to get an error value. OpenInternetUrl doesn't return this. Any idea?

Thanks, Marwin
Posted on 2002-11-28 04:42:06 by Marwin
Marwin, I dont know how this could be possible with Wininet OR Winsock.
Because both connects to a server and sends the appropiate command strings.
When the server understands that the file is not there it just sends back an
error page. (No error codes that I know of.)

And since the server generates a response even tho the file is not there. I think
that the only way this can be done is by parsing the header/data recieved.

Ofcourse, Thomas may know a trick or two wich I dont. ( :) )
Posted on 2002-11-28 14:12:31 by natas
i never used that high level apis for work with internet but basiclly if you want to have function that will return error value when file/page is not existing on web, then the best solutio would be to
wrap that api you used here, then you can check inside you wraped procedure if api returns 404 page, if so then your proc can return error
so your program will then communicate with your wraped proc

i hope this helps
Posted on 2002-11-30 17:45:53 by Mikky
I don't know Web Programming yet but i am sure that it can be handled with-in YOUR program just like error handling ( that i also don't really know how to do yet ) but when i do i know i find a way with-in my own process no matter what the standard rules say. It do come back to you to do what you wish with it, am im right or is it's all different.

Posted on 2002-11-30 20:59:20 by cmax
Sorry Mikky :( but I don't get what you mean. Maybe you could explain it in other words?

:rolleyes: Marwin
Posted on 2002-12-02 08:35:06 by Marwin