I know these are very basic questions, but i wanna know:

- Is there some way to debug at source level using WinDbg 6.x with masm7.x or masm6.x?
i have set the asm and linker to debug, but the only i have found it works is symbolic
debug with masm6.x and Windbg 5.

- Wich debuger do you recommend me? (for source level debuggin)
Posted on 2002-11-30 14:10:56 by IrOn
I use WinDbg for complicated debugging When I can't find the problem with vKim's debug macros

here are the switches to ml and link
ML.EXE /c /Zi /Zd /coff /Cp

I've not problems using source level debugging
Posted on 2002-12-01 06:03:48 by MArtial_Code