I need to use VirtualAlloc to search a specific process for a certain value. the thing is I do not know how..This is the way I plotted to do it:
1. User picks process
2. Program opens process for searching
3. Program uses VirtualAlloc to set aside space...
4. Program makes copy of program and puts into space set aside...
5. User inputs value needed to be pin pointed
6. Program searches (using im not sure what) copied process inside set aside space for matches...
7. Program puts out all matches
8. Program copies all matches to set aside space for next search...
8. User changes value needed to be pin pointed
9. User puts in new value to be pin pointed
10. Program searches the set aside space for the changed value then eliminates all old unmatching matches and prints out the matching ones...
11. Process repeats until all unmatching are eliminated and only the matching are left...

Its a 'process of elimination' type process. The steps with three '.' at the end of them are the ones I am not sure about... Im almost positive I would use VirtualAlloc though because I was told by a programmer friend that it would be the perfect API for the job..

All help appreciated,
Posted on 2002-11-30 20:51:19 by resistance_is_futile
If f0dder was here, he would claim that HeapAlloc would be preferred over VirtualAlloc :grin:

Yeah.. your method looks fine to me.
Posted on 2002-12-01 01:17:00 by roticv