It looks like you have given me what I have been asking for i.e. a grid/spreadsheet to play with.

I noticed on the spreadsheet control that I can basically type in any cell I want to since they seem to be active.

The grid you have hardcoded messages in.

For the grid I need I need to be able to type in the cell say 4 cells across the following:

Quantity Stock No Description EA Total
5 xyz my gadget 4.50 22.50

My question is what notifation messages do I use to either type info in and post it to a database or read fromn a database into the grid/spreadsheet cells.

I do undetstand what you are doing a little more then it seems like I am saying here but could you point me to an example of how to do this or write me just a short snippit.

Of course if you wanted to write a short example program I would not turn your down.

With Edit boxes each one has a specific number to refer to, is that bascially how you grid works with individual cells.

Do I just need to go back and study your examples of a spreadsheet and grid some more?

Thanks for any help

Posted on 2002-12-02 18:38:49 by cookj
Hi cookj

Sorry it took some time.

Here is a very basic example to get you started.

A spread sheet control is by nature complex.
I hope I will find the time to write more examples/tutorials.

Posted on 2002-12-10 14:18:11 by KetilO
Thanks for the reply.

I know and unsestand that you are very busy.

On your previous spreadheet control, not the last example that you made for me, the user was able to type data into any cell or read data into any cell as it were.

My question is after data is read into the cell and suppose I want to modify it and say it.

I am not worried about saving it , I can/will figure that out.

My question is if I mouse click on cell A!, does that bring the focus to that cell from the mouse click.

Do I need to be sent back to Iczelion's tutorials about the mouse and/or focus.

You have several functions where you set the focus. It looks to me like you are setting the focus for the current window, not the individual cell.

1 Quantity Stock No Description EA TOTAL

2 2 ACE123 Gadget 23.40 46.80

I think that I can figure out how to read data into cells, but typing these quantitys into cells is causing me a little problem.

I gather the focus needs to be set for the cell by either a mouse pointer or like a right or left arrow and then data typed in. We would then have to keep track of what cell we are in right?

I am not trying to cause you problems, myself and I have a feeling lots and lots of other people appreciate the amount of work you are putting out in RADasm and stilll trying to live a normal life.

If you could at a minimum point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


Posted on 2002-12-12 19:54:44 by cookj
Hi cookj


Forgot that the control does not get keyboard focus when used in a dialog.

Here is another test.

Posted on 2002-12-13 02:16:12 by KetilO