The previous downloads are faulted with the fact that Unicode strings need to be aligned on DWORD boundries. For 9x machines this doesnt become a problem, but for NT/XP/2000 machines, it is.

I havent uploaded a correction yet. Since im 90% finished a better version anyways.. with more commenting, discriptions, and function.

Posted on 2002-12-09 17:13:48 by NaN
Im now content with all this Speech recognition stuff for the time being (See Coffee2 Example in next thread), im going to move onto the MS Agent stuff...

Yay! dancing blue Genies!

Posted on 2002-12-09 21:10:58 by NaN
hi NaN,

Actually this crash was On 98 second edition so your program crashes on 9x OSs too. I don't know why. But it crashes.

Posted on 2002-12-10 02:55:04 by amr
As far as im aware of (ie. Ms Documentations), if you crashing you dont have SAPI 5, and/or MS is not returning COM calls with the standard NON-ZERO return.

I have COM_ERROR macros in place which should check the return codes... Did you try Coffee2???

Posted on 2002-12-10 21:31:43 by NaN